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Boarding Rates
      for 2017



Canine guests stay for $20 a night.

 Daycare for dogs is
$15 per day.
Call for availability.


Feline guests stay for $14 a night.

                                              * Discounts for 2nd dog/cat and also extended stays.

* I do not charge extra for playtime...I play with them a lot, we go outside several times a day...we watch movies. I try to make them as comfortable as being at home while you are away from them. I also do not charge for any medications that have to be given, including insulin shots.

*All my suites are 4 x 8, with elevated pet beds for dogs, they can see their neighbors or I can make it so they can not see their neighbors...and cats have climbing stuff!!!

*Boarding rates are for a 24 period. If your pet arrives at 9 AM, your expected return would be 9 AM. If your return is not close to this time, a daycare rate of $10 will apply. I try to be as fair as possible for the both of us. I do not have rigid drop-off and pick-up times, and so far it seems to be working well. A phone call is always appreciated if you are running early or late.

*Proof of recent vaccinations are required. In addition to standard vaccinations, dogs must be vaccinated for bordetella (kennel cough) at least two full weeks before boarding or within the past 6 months. Please have your veterinarian email a copy of your pet's immunization records prior to your pet's stay.

*To help our guests feel more "at home" and to minimize anxiety, we urge you to bring something from home that your pet enjoys--like a favorite blanket or toy.  I encourage you to come out with your pet for a visit before your first stay. This will help to alleviate initial anxiety both for you and for your pet. Simply give me a call and this can be easily scheduled.

Early  For Holiday Care!


Basic Grooming
Services include a warm bath, blow/towel dry, combed/brushed.
$12 - under 20 pounds
$15 over 20 pounds


Kitchen Food
Keep in mind that a change in your pet's regular diet may result in their discomfort.
$4 per day - over 20 pounds
$3 per day - under 20 pounds
$2 per day - feline guests

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